We think it’s really cool that we didn’t even have to make these up…


my husband and i first took a childbirth class taught by someone else (recommended by my ob) and left frightened and frustrated by the barrage of information and lack of warmth in how it was taught.

we decided to take ashley's weekend intensive childbirth class because we still felt very unprepared from the first class.

what a different experience! ashley's class was structured in a way that helped us actually absorb information. and the second day had a labor "rehearsal" where we practiced different techniques that partners could use to help manage pain (which helped us remember them when we needed them). we had tons of questions which she answered with practical wisdom based on physiology and science.

ultimately, Ashley helped my hubby and i feel informed and excited about the birth of our first kid!

we also took her breastfeeding and newborn care class which covered everything from a good latch to how to give our little one a bath. ashley taught us with the right level of humor and no judgement style. we are so grateful to have been educated by ashley and couldn't recommend her more! you want her in your village!!


My husband and I took her workshop at FPC (Fit Pregnancy Club) and it was the best money we ever spent! We learned so much and had lots of fun too! Ashley was filled with so much good information. She is extremely knowledgeable and her delivery was insightful, digestible and engaging.


Ashley led birthing and newborn/lactation classes (2 classes) that were the best. Ashley is such a natural teacher, and strikes the perfect blend of informing with evidence-based resources, and listening and adapting to the preferences of those in the class. I left knowing both the hard logistics of what to expect in the hospital (since we were planning to give birth there), some helpful frameworks for making decisions when doctors present unexpected scenarios, and a carefully chosen set of knowledge about human anatomy, enough for us to know the basic terminology of birth. Ashley kept classes fun, informative, and engaging, and no question was a stupid question. Highly recommend her!


Ashley was an ideal instructor, as the previous reviews make clear. We don't have too much more to add (please read through them), but echo all the sentiments. Scheduling and communication (before and after) were great, the process was flexible and worked well for us.

Most of all, Ashley's considered, careful language allowed us to be receptive immediately. She uses considered, inclusive language - inclusive of different birth plans, bodies, levels of knowledge and experience. This was refreshing because there is so much judgement, proscription, and fear-mongering in parenting literature and education. Ashley makes space for the reality that birth works differently for different families, which allowed us to be receptive to the wealth of information and insight she shared (her inclusivity is matched by her expertise). Take this class! Thank you Ashley!


We took this course and it made all the difference during our premature birth. My partner was very resistant, however he ended up becoming very interested and engaged thanks to Ashley's sweet and down to earth demeanor and charisma. We both gained so much knowledge that helped us remain calm and focused and even laugh during the scariest moments of our lives. He ended up being an amazing birth partner and implemented so much of what he learned with Ashley. I feel that although my birth plan went out the window, we both knew exactly what was happening throughout. He said that he had no idea about any of this stuff and often referred to Ashley's class during and after the birth to family and friends. I feel it helped him take a much more active and special role in the birth of his son. I didn't know that he would be so wonderful and supportive and I feel that he got those tools from Ashely. His newfound confidence and knowledge made him feel like he could really help me....in the end,  he was really able to get me through despite my initial doubts. I really believe that the birth went as smoothly as could be because of Ashley's course. I tend to be somewhat anxious, but remained amazingly calm, focused and feeling empowered although so much was out of our control throughout the birth. I highly recommend for all, especially for resistant dads/partners.


My husband and I were very hesitant to take any kind of class or read too many books for fear of information overload but this was just right. We learned so many practical things and it really put our minds at ease. A full weekend of baby talk sounds pretty intensive, and it was, but Ashley is delightful, very animated, well informed and realistic. Time flew by and she was open to everyone's ideas and preferences so felt we could ask all sorts of questions - no matter what type of birth we were hoping for. Would highly recommend Ashley's classes and no doubt other services too.


My husband and I recently took the Weekend Intensive Childbirth Education Class in Greenpoint, and it was so incredibly thorough and informative. I'll admit, I went into thinking that we were going to find maybe 50% of it useful since it seemed like such a long class, but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time - I learned SO much, and feel completely prepared to go into labor and informed about my options at the hospital as well as what my body is going through. Additionally, my husband found it extremely helpful, and I would say a huge portion of the class is about how your partners can help you through the process.

The teacher Ashley was fantastic. She is so knowledgeable, patient with all questions, and we really appreciated the fact that she was teaching an "evidence-based class" and not pushing any home birth hippie dippie methods on us. In fact, the whole class was very much geared towards the typical NYC woman who is giving birth in a hospital without a doula.

I highly recommend taking the weekend intensive as opposed to the express class. It was so worth every penny.


Truly, we cannot yell loudly enough from the rooftops how happy we were to be students in Ashley's childbirth class. At a time in our pregnancy when information was being thrown at us from all directions, her class gave us perspective, context, and a framework we loved. It's no exaggeration to say that Ashley gave us the gift of an incredible, personalized, relaxed, fun, and thoughtful class. She was tremendously well informed; shared a ton of great knowledge while somehow making it very easy to digest without it ever feeling overwhelming; was knowledgeable about, responsive to, and welcoming of our many questions (whether basic or complex); and had a ton of great teaching materials and handouts to help us understand, make sense of, and think through the experiences ahead of us and the decision points we might face. All the while, we felt a strong ownership over, and a great confidence about, our upcoming birth. In short, she was the ideal thought partner for us to learn about childbirth and develop our own agenda for it.

That Ashley's class offered all this is reason enough to recommend it to everyone we know. But, on top of all of this, and perhaps most importantly, Ashley empowered us. It seemed evident to us that Ashley's perspective is well informed by her work as a birth and postpartum doula. We had a hospital birth with our OB, and Ashley was absolutely supportive of these choices. Still, in a knowledgeable and helpful way, she offered a respectful skepticism of the over-medicalization of birth. In practical terms, this meant that while we felt confident in her knowledge about the science of birth--and she was able to answer our myriad questions about it--she also reminded us of the ways in which the pathway to a successful birth are already encoded in women's (and babies') bodies and supportive communities; she contextualized modern obstetrical practice, which dates back several decades, within a longer history of how childbirth was practiced before it moved into hospitals and became male-dominated; she taught us how to identify and seek out helpful medical assistance but distinguish it from unnecessary medical interventions; she explained why many women seek to avoid medication (like epidurals) altogether and why doctors prefer those medications; and she helped us chart a path that felt right for us.

 Together, the context, knowledge, and empowerment we gained from Ashley's class were invaluable as we considered the remaining few weeks of our pregnancy and developed a plan for our birth we felt great about. We recommend Ashley and her class highly and without reservation.


This is a class for anybody that wants an honest, open and unbiased explanation on what your options are during labour and how to prepare for any way you give birth- be it natural, epidural or c section.  She truly has a teaching style that makes a full and intense day fly by. I feel I would have been at a disadvantage not having experienced this class and now the uncertainty of labor seems way less daunting and more exciting. Highly recommended.