Why us?

You could take an old-school hospital birthing class or a classic Lamaze class. You could try the Bradley Method, Hypno-Birthing, or Birthing from Within. You could also just watch a bunch of videos online. We know there are lots of ways you can prepare to have a baby but we think you should learn with us!

We <3 good science.


You’re probably looking for Evidence-Based prenatal classes. We get that. While there is value in spending time and money soul-searching and pregnancy brings up all the feelings, we want to think our way through things too. Do we teach evidence-based classes at Birth Smarter? Sort of. Actually, definitely yes. We just have some beef with the term and want to raise the bar. You can read more about that on our blog, but basically we do not believe the parenting pendulum should swing ad nauseam based on the latest study. GOOD SCIENCE places current research in the context of evolution, biology, and history. We balance the latest findings with critical thinking and common sense in order to make recommendations about how to get you and your family off to the best start. While there is no “right way” to do any of this, we maintain a plumb line based on our best thinking to help you make decisions.

We teach to move you forward.


The way we see it: you’re sitting on A Pregnant Opportunity. When done well, preparing for birth and parenting invites you to try on habits that can positively affect your personal growth and development. All of our classes plant seeds to get you a healthier body, balanced mind, and resilient relationship.

We care that you learn.


Between drivers ed and professional development seminars, we’ve been trained to cautiously approach obligatory learning. Here’s the thing: with all this birth stuff your actions can greatly influence your outcomes. In order to make informed decisions when it matters, we need you able to retain and recall critical information. So we present curated information alongside the HOW and the WHY, and we do it without PowerPoint. Also, we really value your time. It’s not worth it for us if class is super boring either.

“my husband and i first took a childbirth class taught by someone else (recommended by my ob) and left frightened and frustrated by the barrage of information and lack of warmth in how it was taught.

we decided to take ashley's weekend intensive childbirth class because we still felt very unprepared from the first class.

what a different experience!…”

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“Truly, we cannot yell loudly enough from the rooftops how happy we were to be students in Ashley's childbirth class. At a time in our pregnancy when information was being thrown at us from all directions, her class gave us perspective, context, and a framework we loved.” Read more