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Chidbirth Education

We view pregnancy as an opportunity to embrace a variety of approaches that can enhance your physical wellbeing, your relationship, and your ability to navigate stressful situations. Our childbirth preparation classes offer you and a partner information and practice that will not only prepare you what may come in birth but will give you the tools you need to be confident and satisfied with your choices and experience. Learn more.

Newborn Class

Breastfeeding and Newborn Care

So you can hit the ground running, this class offers a comprehensive look at breastfeeding and newborn care in the first few days, weeks, and months. We will go beyond the basics of swaddling, diapering, and bathing, to help you develop a sophisticated framework for responding to your newborn’s needs. This class is offered as a stand alone option once a month @ Wild Was Mama, in Greenpoint, or as part of the Comprehensive Childbirth Education weekend @FPC-NYC in Soho.


Fourth Trimester Planning

Do you feel prepared for life in the immediate days and weeks after childbirth? In order to encourage a seamless physical recovery, decrease your likelihood of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders and increase family bonding, we encourage you to talk through the moving parts of postpartum life before you give birth! 

Together, we will discuss 

  • physical and emotional needs following labor and delivery, including ways to increase rest, move mindfully, and eat well 

  • strategies for maintaining a healthy relationship with a newborn 

  • the difference between a postpartum doula and a baby nurse, and who else you might want in your circle of support

  • essential products and resources for self-care 


Year One: A Fatherhood Masterclass

While partner’s often take longer to bond with baby than the birthing parent we know that fatherhood is critically important for a child's development and mother's wellbeing. Since fatherhood, today, involves so much more than putting bread on the table, we invite you to take a minute, over donuts and coffee, and wrap your mind around some of the real s*%t that might go down. What is your role in all of this baby stuff? Should you watch the baby come out? How can you show up for your partner physically and emotionally after labor and delivery? What is your role once you're back at work? How can you take care of yourself? Built for the expectant father, we also welcome new dads with or without their babes.


The ABCs of Core and Pelvic Floor

You're invited to learn how you can maintain a healthy core and pelvic floor! Ideal for pregnant and postpartum women, but truly beneficial for anyone with a pelvis. All bodies are welcome! 

You will learn the ABCs (Awareness, Breath, and Coordination) of optimal core function. You'll also learn why doing a million kegels simply isnt' the best course of action. Topics include:

  • Anatomy and function of pelvic floor muscles 

  • How pelvic awareness can improve your core function + proper kegel vs. reverse kegel instructions

  • Postural adjustments for pelvic health (especially as it relates to pregnany and the postpartum period)

  • When to seek out pelvic health specialists and resources for pelvic-floor friendly fitness options! 

The information is offered in a relaxed and engaging manner. There is a small movement component. You will leave with a very empowering understanding of your body and the best practices for moving forward. 

Pregnant Belly 1.jpg

All Things Birth

Whether you’ve been dreaming about this pregnancy for years or it caught you by surprise, no one is quite ready for the level of anxiety or overwhelm that comes from having to make decisions while pregnant, especially in NYC. Like sitting down with a professional wedding planner, the goal of this session is to bring clarity and calm into your journey. This light-hearted and short class is intended for those pre-conception or in their first and second trimesters. We will help you separate fact from fiction and walk you through the NYC birth scene. What’s good when it comes to hospitals, birth centers, doctors, midwives, doulas, birth classes, body workers (and more)!