Is this the class for you?

Basically if you’re having a baby and don’t know as much as we do - this class is for you. We’ve identified our target audience as those who are curious but also a little skeptical and generally feeling overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting and confusing information out there. Don’t want to reinvent the wheel? We can just tell you what to do, and why!

You can be planning to deliver in the hospital, at a birthing center, or at home. To be real - we most often teach people planning to deliver in the hospital. Just because that’s most of you. Between us though, we’ve had our own home births and / or attended a lot of them as doulas, so you’re going to get a well rounded perspective either way.  There are classes out there that are geared toward families birthing at home as well as classes geared toward families who know they do not want to use pain medication. You can read our longer blog post about many other class options here. Our class does not offer such an agenda. That said, we are really good at supporting you on your path toward an unmedicated birth if that’s what you’re going for, but also want everyone to know if, when, and how to best work with pain medication incase that becomes useful too.

If you’re having a second or third baby and want a refresher - schedule a private class!

How much does this all cost?

Our classes are comparable to similar options throughout New York City and are occasionally covered by insurance. Childbirth classes are between $395 and $525. Specialized workshops are between $30 and $195. Pricing for each class can be found on the scheduling page and is subject to change. FPC-NYC and The Wild control the bookings and offer their own discounts if you book multiple classes. At this time there are no discounts specifically for single parents or partial attendance but we always have sliding scale or pay-what-you-can spaces available for those facing financial hardships. Just ask. If you are interested in paying with FSA funds you can use your FSA card directly or we can provide a receipt of service and fill out any forms necessary - just check with your insurance company first.

When should I take a childbirth education class?

You should take a childbirth preparation class between week 28 and 34. We encourage everyone to attend an All Things Birth workshop anytime from preconception through their second trimester. And read the blog to make sure you’re working with the best provider!

Is this a lamaze class?

Sort of. Lamaze is like the Kleenex of Childbirth Education. The name brand you know but not necessarily the product you want. If you’re looking for a Lamaze class because you’re looking for a birthing class that will set you up for a safe and healthy delivery. Yes! You’ve come to the right place. We have different certifications and have pulled in strategies from other approaches to childbirth that we think are critical for comprehensive preparation, but all in all are very similar. Read more about this here.

Where are the classes located?

We have two strategic partners.

The Fit Pregnancy Club (FPC-NYC) is in Soho at 552 Broadway, NY, NY. between Spring St and Prince St and should be your next stop if you are looking for high-intensity cardio workout built for the pre-and post-natal community!

The Wild (formerly Wild Was Mama) is a beautiful baby boutique located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn at 272 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222.

Do you offer doula services?

At this time, Ashley Brichter is focused on reaching more expectant and new parents with education through Birth Smarter and is not currently offering doula services. If interested, we work hard to make sure all of our students are matched with some of the best doulas in NYC through personal connections and partner agencies. Do you even need a doula? Read more about that here.

Do you teach CPR?

No! And we don’t recommend you take CPR yet! You’re going to forget what you’ve learned and it’s not super relevant yet. You should wait until your baby is born and you have your head screwed on straight. We recommend putting a reminder in your calendar for 3 months after your due date and book a class then for between months 4 and 6 for when your babe will start putting toys in their mouth and start eating solid food.

I am a single parent. Will I feel comfortable attending this class?

We think so! But know that our core classes are intended to educate the pregnant parent with a support person. We often teach single mothers who attend with grandma, friend, or doula and love it! While we encourage you to invite a friend, family member, or doula to attend with you – if this is not an option let us know. We can work something out.

What's the cancellation policy?

Terms, conditions and policies

Our classes provide general information and discussion opportunities about preparing for pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and related subjects. The content provided in our classes is for informational purposes only. Our instructors are not medical providers, and any information, advice, or recommendations provided in our classes may not be considered medical advice nor relied upon as such. Any and all medical concerns or questions should be directed to your physician, midwife, pediatrician, or other certified medical provider who is licensed to practice medicine and dispense medical advice.

Cancellation Policy:

Birth Smarter is committed to providing and exceptional childbirth education experience. Unfortunately, when a student cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another expectant parent from being able to attend class. If you miss your class or have to cancel your class for any reason:

  • 30 plus days in advance, you receive 100% refund

  • 30-15 days in advance, you receive 75% refund

  • 14 days or less in advance, there are no refunds

Rescheduling Policy:

If you need to reschedule a class:

  • 30 + days in advance, no fee, as long as there’s availability

  • 30 – 15 days in advance, $50 rescheduling fee, as long as there’s availability

  • 14 days or less in advance, $50 rescheduling fee + up to cost of class if the seat you leave does not fill.

We highly recommend that you schedule any prenatal classes or workshops to end prior to 30 days of your expected due date. We are not responsible for providing make-ups or issuing any credit for classes missed as a result of scheduling conflicts, vacations, illness, emergencies, or other circumstances beyond our control.

Class Cancellation / Adjustment Policy:

We reserve the right to alter class times due to low enrollment. Every effort will be made to work with students’ schedules to ensure that the student receives the instruction they signed up for. If we cannot place you in another class or schedule a private session comparable to what you signed up for, a full refund will be given.